Wholesale Simplified

Set up your wholesale store with buyer-specific order terms in just 5 minutes. Run targeted retailer campaigns. Streamline and grow your wholesale channel like never before..

Foundation Product

Selling wholesale online can be cumbersome

Wholesale on Shopify is a compromise!

Shopify and others are built for D2C. Multiple fragmented apps to do wholesale make it unreliable. Plus, B2B buyer’s data is scattered and lost.

Legacy Custom Software is a liability in 2024.

Custom software is slow, outdated, and expensive. But modern commerce is all about speed, efficiency, and interconnectivity.

Excel forms, PDFs, & Emails stall growth

Convenient but manual, time-consuming, and unscalable way of conducting modern businesses.

Customize Product/Pricing/Store

Customize every aspect of your wholesale business, just the way you want without any compromises. Enable easy reorders and faster checkouts.

Build buyer profiles

Manage net terms, best-selling products, order frequency, communication, share order updates, and suggest new products using AI.

Acquire, retain, and grow

Integrate Foundation with your CRM and marketing automation tools to run nurture campaigns based on buyer behaviours. Just like your D2C store.

Seamlessly integrates into your workflow

Sell Wholesale 10x faster


Brands Onboarded


Orders Processed


Wholesale Stores


Hours Saved Per Week

How Easy Is To Do Business With Foundation

Step 1

Connect with your existing store

Step 2

Personalized your foundation store

Step 3

Invite your customer and start selling wholesale


What is Foundation?

Foundation is a SaaS platform to sell, track and grow your wholesale business.

We are using Faire, how Foundation can help?

Faire is a wholesale marketplace while Foundation is a dedicated wholesale platform. Faire is good for finding new retailers, Foundation is great for building relationships with your retailers, nurture them with personalized promos and campaigns. Faire charges 15-20% commissions on each order, Foundation charges subscription fees of USD 199.

We are using wholesale apps on my D2C store, how Foundation can help?

Wholesale apps are pointed solutions – one app for custom pricing, another for access control etc. Due to this, B2B wholesale data is scattered across apps and It’s hard to remarket wholesalers. This is also an unscalable way to do and grow your wholesale channel.
Foundation provides a suite of tools needed for wholesale commerce. All the wholesale data is in one place giving you visibility to run targeted campaigns based on buyer behaviours, order frequencies, and product preferences.

We have sales reps, how Foundation can help?

Your Foundation doesn’t replace your sales reps but it helps them maintain their relationships with retailers. Foundation’s sales rep app enables reps to place orders on behalf of retailers, provides deep insights on retailers, and alerts about churn risk retailers.

How long does it to set up my Foundation wholesale store?

All the products can be bulk uploaded using CSV or sync product data from your D2C store. It can take anywhere between 1-4 hours to set up your store. Our customer success team will be happy to guide you during onboarding.