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Evolve from PDFs and Spreadsheets to Digital Commerce with Foundation Wholesale Commerce Platform.

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Why Choose Foundation?

Here is how we are helping wholesale businesses automate their processes and double their business in less than 6 months

Define Pricing Tiers for Different Buyers

Easily set up tiered pricing structures tailored for various buyer categories.

  • Adjust prices based on buyer type
  • Offer exclusive discounts
  • Maintain & improve buyer relationships

Define Value Based Shipping Rates

Establish value-driven shipping rates to optimize costs and boost your average order value.

  • Dynamic rate adjustments
  • Optimize for bulk orders
  • Reduce shipping overheads

Automate Net Payment Terms

Automate your net payment schedules for streamlined financial transactions.

  • Set custom Net-30, Net-60, etc. payment durations
  • Automate payment processes
  • No more stacks of cheques

No long-term contracts.
No catches.

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We integrate with all of your existing wholesale systems

Seamlessly integrate your wholesale tools with Foundation. Automate processes, minimize errors, and launch at rocket speed 🚀

Shopify Integration

Import your product data from Shopify to set up your wholesale store instantly.

WooCommerce Integration

Import your product data from WooCommerce to set up your wholesale store instantly.

QuickBooks Integration

Sync with QuickBooks to make sure you don’t have to manage data in multiple places.

ShipBob Integration

Sync all your logistics updates with Foundation and keep your customers up-to-date.