Wholesale 2.0

Say goodbye to manual processes. One Foundation store to manage all the brands you represent and all the retailers you serve.

Features Built For Wholesale Sellers

Easy store setup and intuitive backend

Bulk upload products and price lists using CSV or connect to your existing store. Easy to update/remove products, change prices, and run discounts in a few clicks.

Place order on behalf of the buyer

Sales reps can log in on behalf of their customers, access shopping lists, add products to cart and place orders seamlessly. Foundation AI shares account intelligence with reps so they never miss the beat.

AI Analytics to drive sales

Centralized dashboard to get buyer-level insights (churn risk, order frequency, history, top products, and trends). Act on product performance data and forecasts.

Marketplace experience for your buyer

Self-serve purchase with easy reordering options, dynamic discounts, and AI product suggestions. Seamless order processing synced with OMS, ERP

Retailer/Seller registration form with custom fields

One place to manage retailer and buyer relationships. Our registration forms with custom fields allow you to capture all relevant details before you start a partnership.

Are online marketplaces driving down your margins?

Save Time, Drive Loyalty, Grow Your Business

Case Studies


Dovre uses Foundation to empower sales reps with insights to deepen retailer relationships

ACS Pets

ACS Pets uses Foundation to manage 100+ brands – products, pricing, and discounts from one place


Which Industries Wholesalers currently use Foundation?

Pets, Food, Beauty and Wellness, CBD, Kitchen, Fashion and Apparel, Hardware, Agriculture, Plastic and paper industries

We sell to retailers offline. How can Foundation help?

Foundation AI helps you identify churn risks and suggests new products to retailers. You can also run custom campaigns to reengage dormant retailers. If you have sales reps, our app helps them place orders on behalf of retailers and get access to retailers’ profiles (past orders, order frequency, top products, order status etc.) instantly.

Do I get help setting up the store?

Setting up the store is super-easy. Our success team will help you set up the store. All you need is a product list CSV or product catalogue or an existing e-commerce store. Our customer success team would be with you every step of the way.