Unlock Wholesale

Say goodbye to scattered wholesale apps, steep marketplace commissions, and PDF catalogues. One place to sell, track and grow your wholesalers and retailers.

Unlock Wholesale Channel with Foundation

Nurture your buyers just like D2C

Integrate Foundation with your CRM and marketing automation tools to run nurture campaigns based on buyer behaviors like abandoned carts, price-drop reminders, and post-purchase follow-ups.

Easy store setup and intuitive backend

Connect to your existing store. Easy to update/remove products, change prices, run discounts in a few clicks. Set rules on pricing, quantity, cart, and shipping and you are ready to go live.

Fits in your workflow

Syncs with your existing e-commerce store for Product data, ERP for Order management and inventory, and Accounting software for payment updates.

AI Analytics to drive sales

Centralized dashboard to get buyer-level insights (churn risk, order frequency, history, top products, and trends). Act on product performance data and forecasts.

Retailer/Seller registration form with custom fields

One place to manage retailer and buyer relationships. Our registration forms with custom fields allow you to capture all relevant details before you start a partnership.

Ready to transform your brand’s wholesale business?

Experience the power of Foundation Wholesale Cloud and unlock new growth opportunities.

Case Studies

Delilah Home

Delilah home saves 18% commission on reorders from their loyal customers using Foundation


Revelry replicates is D2C success for wholesale channel as Foundation equips them with insights they need


We use Faire for wholesale, how can Foundation help?

Faire is a wholesale marketplace while Foundation is a dedicated wholesale platform. Faire is good for finding new retailers, Foundation is great for building relationships with your retailers, nurture them with personalized promos and campaigns. Faire charges 15-20% commissions on each order, Foundation charges subscription fees of USD 199.

We sell to offline retailers, How can Foundation help?

Every retailer’s needs and terms can be different, Foundation helps you personalize product catalogues and order terms for each retailer. You can also run custom campaigns specifically to reengage dormant retailers. Foundation AI helps you identify churn risks and suggests new products to retailers. If you have sales reps, our app helps them place orders on behalf of retailers and get access to retailers’ profiles (past orders, order frequency, top products, order status etc.) instantly.

We use wholesale apps like Locksmith/Bold, How can Foundation help?

Wholesale apps are pointed solutions – one app for custom pricing, another for access control etc. Due to this, B2B wholesale data is scattered across apps and It’s hard to remarket wholesalers. This is also an unscalable way to do and grow your wholesale channel.
Foundation provides a suite of tools needed for wholesale commerce. All the wholesale data is in one place giving you visibility to run targeted campaigns based on buyer behaviours, order frequencies, and product preferences.